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My favourite books!

Looking for a good read? Here are some of my favourite books...

This amazing book explores the mind-body connection and looks at what certain conditions/ailments/illness could be linked to and what they might be saying to us.

If you've recently had a new physical ailment or if you have a recurring condition then have a read and see what might be going on for you psychologically.

This is a fascinating book which highlights some of the ways our favourite childhood characters may have been struggling with their mental health.

It helps to give well-known examples to certain mental health conditions. Read about Tigger's ADHD, Pooh Bear's honey addiction and Belle's co-dependency.

This is possibly my favourite ever book! This is the story of a man re-finding his mentor in the final days of his life.

Morrie bestows his most important and enlightening life lessons.

This is such a wonderful book about how to live.

This is a really thought provoking book. In modern society there can be a real emphasis on positivity and only feeling the good things.

This book shows us that it's vital to also feel the difficult/bad things and why we shouldn't be frightened of them.

This is a really wonderful book from the perspective of someone living on the Austistic Spectrum. Written when the author was only 13 years old and completely non-verbal.

We get an insight into his behaviour, thoughts and feelings. And the way he perceives the world.

If you'd like to understand more about what it's like to be on the autistic spectrum, this is an invaluable book.

One of the most unspoken fears in our society is that of death and yet it is the biggest.

This powerful book written by one of the most influential psychotherapists, is about confronting death anxiety and understanding how our mortality impacts the human psyche, our lives and how we choose to live them.

Happy reading!

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