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Rusxiety - anxiety about Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Are you experiencing Rusxiety? Worrying about those involved in the conflict and what it might mean for yourself and the rest of the world?

Here are 5 tips to help manage that anxiety...

Engage in the boring, the average, the normal - watching your favourite TV shows, cooking dinner, doing the food shop. Really connect with your 'normal' life.

Perhaps remove News apps from your phone so you can't so easily just scroll through the terror headlines. Purposefully check once or twice a day (if you want to) or ask a loved/trusted person to update you when needed. Never check the news in the few hours before you go to bed.

See your loved ones - remember what is good and warm about people and the world. Talk about different topics and laugh with them.

Keep doing what you usually do - this helps us to feel grounded and stable.

Let people know you're feeling anxious - they can help you to manage it. And learn that you are not alone in experiencing Rusxiety!

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