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Everyone experiences difficult times at some point in their lives whether individually or as a couple, and sometimes we need a space to talk and work through those difficulties. Counselling is an opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential and supportive environment with someone who is trained to help.



Everyone is different and every experience is different; I like to help people understand how they have got to this point and then help them to look at ways they can make changes to benefit their lives.


People start counselling for many different reasons. You may be experiencing current difficulties or wanting to work things through from the past. You may be feeling low or anxious and not even know why. You may even just want a space to feel supported and heard. Counselling is not simply about responding to a crisis but is also about self and life exploration. Sometimes it can feel easier to talk things through with someone external to family and friends.

My areas of expertise

Anxiety, panic & phobias





Health issues & infertility



Finding direction

Suicidal thoughts

Life changes


Pregnancy & parenting


Work & burn out

School issues

What I offer

Individual Counselling

One to one counselling

in-person, online & phone

Couples Counselling

Sessions with both of you to help address relationship issues

Clinical Supervision

One to one or group supervision for counsellors

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