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5 tips to help you gain control of your social media use…

1. Limit your use - you can do this by tracking the amount of time you spend on social media. There are apps to help you do this. You can then program how long you would like to spend on each platform each day and when you hit that limit, the app will kick you out.

2. Disable notifications - social media platforms are really invested in making sure we are on the platform as much as possible. So, if the algorithm notices you haven't been on there for a little while, it will probably send you a notification letting you know somebody has just shared something – showing you there's something you've missed. So, turning those notifications off means you will only go onto the platform when you decide to. Not when somebody is enticing you.

3. Removing social media apps from your phone - it's so easy to get your phone out and start scrolling. If the apps were only on a PC, laptop or tablet, it would take more effort and intent for you to load them.

4. Don't take your device to bed - keep your bedroom, especially your bed itself, a social media free zone. You wouldn't invite all those people and their lives into your bed normally, so don't do it through your phone.

5. Have a complete break - turn your phone off at certain times of the day, so that nobody can contact you, social media can't send you a notification and you can't just log on and scroll. Or have a social media ‘detox’ – disable the apps or your accounts for a week or a month etc and see what it’s like!

Suzie Booth

Counsellor MBACP.

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